About Insecurity Insight

SIIM is the process of collecting and using information related to safety and security incidents to ensure staff safety and access to beneficiaries. SIIM is a building block of security risk management.

About Insecurity Insight

Improving SIIM in aid organisations is an Insecurity Insight project.

Insecurity Insight is a humanitarian-to-humanitarian (H2H) organisation that delivers data products and support to humanitarian and aid organisations, advocacy groups, and researchers in the key areas of data collection and management. We are a member of the H2H Network.

By offering our innovative ideas, tools, data and methodologies we help to enable other organisations to assist and protect people affected by disaster and conflict. We are committed to the humanitarian principles.

Our team

Insecurity Insight comprises an international team of experts based around the world who provide their own unique perspective on and experiences of the work of and challenges facing aid organisations.

Operating as a virtual office, the team brings together passionate and committed individuals from all corners of the world, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, India, Malta and Portugal. The aim of our work is to help those who help others.

Our partners

We work with over 30 aid agencies to share information about security-related incidents that affect their work.

We are an associate member of and work closely with the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF).

We are supported in our work by donors such as USAID, ECHO, the FCDO and the H2H Network.

Our story

The security incident information management (SIIM) guidance presented on this portal has been developed through our collaboration with many aid agencies in the collection and analysis of data on security-related incidents, and in particular through our collaboration with RedR and the GISF during an EU-funded project in 2016/17.

This website has been produced with the generous support of the American people