Self-assessment survey

This survey questionnaire can be used to self-assess your organisation’s SIIM practices and see at a glance which part of the SIIM Roadmap your organisation has in place and which areas it might need to focus more attention on.

How to use the self-assessment survey questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of six questionnaires for each of the four main steps of the SIIM Roadmap. For each questionnaire you need to assess to what extent the particular process is fully in place in your organisation (yes) is partially in place (somewhat) or is not really in place (no).

After you have responded to the 24 questions the results are shown in the form of a spider web. If the spider web reaches the edge your organisation has many of the key SIIM processes in place. If the spider web stays closer to the centre this is an indication that fewer processes are in place for this step on the Roadmap.

The self-assessment results can guide you in selected the Roadmap steps and associated tools you may want to look at to improve your organisation’s SIIM practices.