SIIM in NGO security collaboration

Templates for using the GISF Field Guide tools and technology to support security risk management.

Security incident information management (SIIM) in NGO security coordination

Improving the flow of security information is a core function of most security collaboration mechanisms in the aid field. Good security incident information management (SIIM) practices are a key building block of productive collaboration. SIIM is the tool that enables organisations to share and learn from security incident information.

This SIIM site provides the links to Insecurity Insight templates and tools for SIIM. This webpage lists the tools mentioned in the GISF Field Guide that can be used for field-based NGO security coordination.

For country specific information, please see the Incident Data webpage, or go directly to our Ethiopia, Haiti, Lebanon, or Mozambique country pages that show examples of information developed with incident data.

(See also ‘Incident data in a country context’, below.)


Incident alert report

Download example of an incident alert report.
Download template for an incident alert report.

Weekly or monthly report

Download example of a weekly or monthly report.
Download template for a weekly or monthly report.

Datasheet for recording incidents

Download an example datasheet.

Classification of incidents

Download document listing suggested categories and definitions.