SIIM Handbook, User Guide and Toolkit

The SIIM Handbook is designed to help users to establish and develop effective information management systems and procedures for reporting and monitoring safety- and security-related incidents both internally and externally and across both organisations and the entire aid sector.

SIIM Handbook

The SIIM Handbook is the most comprehensive document developed on the topic of SIIM. In its 125 pages you will discover all the details of how to collect report record analyse share and use information (including data) linked to a security incident. It was developed jointly with the EISF/GISF and RedR UK.

User Guide

The User Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the SIIM Handbook. It enables staff to access the parts of the handbook that are most relevant to them their role within their organisation and what they want to know. It was developed jointly with the EISF/GISF and RedR UK.

SIIM Toolkit

The SIIM Toolkit contains guidance on the tools that can be used to support safety and security incident information management. It was developed jointly with the EISF/GISF and RedR UK. Please note: Tool 2. Typology of Incidents was updated in 2021.

SIIM in NGO Security Coordination

The SIIM tools for NGO Security Coordination are designed to be used in conjunction with the GISF Guide. Improving the flow of security information is a core function of most security collaboration mechanisms in the aid field. Good security SIIM practices are a key building block of productive collaboration enabling sharing and learning The tools have been developed to accompany the GISF guide on NGO security coordination.

Tool 14: Incident alert report example; Incident alert report template
Tool 15: Weekly or monthly report example; Weekly or monthly report template
Tool 16: Datasheet for recording incidents template
Tool 17: Classification of incidents document

الأداة 14: نموذج تقرير التنبيه بالحادث وقالب تقرير التنبيه بالحادث
الأداة 15: نموذج التقرير الأسبوعي أو الشهري وقالب التقرير الأسبوعي أو الشهري
الأداة 16: قالب ورقة بيانات تسجيل الحوادث
الأداة 17: وثيقة تصنيف الحوادث

Outil 14 : exemple de rapport d'alerte d'incident; modèle de rapport d'alerte d'incident
Outil 15 : exemple de rapport hebdomadaire ou mensuel; modèle de rapport hebdomadaire ou mensuel
Outil 16 : modèle de fiche technique d’enregistrement des incidents
Outil 17 : document sur la classification des incidents

Herramienta 14 – Ejemplo de informe de alerta de incidentes y Plantilla de informe de alerta de incidentes
Herramienta 15 – Ejemplo de informe semanal o mensual y Plantilla de informe semanal o mensual
Herramienta 16 – Hoja de datos para el registro de incidentes
Herramienta 17 – Clasificación de incidentes