You can listen to podcasts and learn how to understand manage and use information on security-related incidents in order to improve your organisation’s security risk management and access to crisis-affected populations.

Podcasts are a way to approach SIIM on the go: You can use them to deepen your understanding of the challenges facing the development of a better SIIM system and how to address them. Podcasts will also touch on various topics dealing with humanitarian security management and put all the benefits of an effective SIIM system into perspective. SIIM generates fascinating conversations and debates in the sector. We captured some of them in the following podcasts.

Humanitarian Incidents Podcasts

The Humanitarian Incidents Podcasts are a series of conversations with experts working in areas that range from Geneva to South Sudan. They discuss how to understand manage and use information about security-related incidents and how this can improve organisations’ risk management procedures and access to crisis-affected populations. These podcasts were developed jointly with the EISF (now the GISF) and RedR UK.

Christina Wille and The International Risk Podcast

In this podcast, listen to Insecurity Insight’s Director Christina Wille talk to The International Security Risk Podcast about how aid agencies can reduce the impact of security incidents on their operations, and meet their duty of care obligations to their staff and volunteers.

22 February 2021


NGO Security Management

Episode 11: with Christina Wille; director of Insecurity Insight

Today we are joined by Christina Wille director of Insecurity Insight who has developed the security incident information management (SIM) approach in collaboration with RedR and the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF). Christina together with Larissa Fast has set up the Security in Numbers Database for the Aid in Danger project. The database contains tens of thousand of examples of how violence has impacted aid operations. It covers violence against aid workers in the health education and food security sectors and in protection settings and sexual violence in conflict situations. Insecurity Insight runs the Security in Numbers Aid in Danger database on violence and threats of violence affecting aid operations. Today we are talking about security incident information management or SIIM and how aid agencies can use this process to reduce the impact of security incidents on their operations and meet their duty-of-care obligations.

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