Listen and learn how to understand, manage and use of information on incidents, how this can improve organisations’ security risk management and access to crisis- affected populations.

Humanitarian Incidents Podcasts

7 September 2018


NGO Security Management

Episode 1- Incident Information: What is it?

In the first Humanitarian Incidents podcast, Christina Wille, Co-Director at Insecurity Insight, explains what incident information is and how it plays a vital role in non- governmental organisations (NGOs) in terms of improving security risk management but also in advocacy and project management. In the podcast, Christina also addresses common criticisms made of incident data and the reasons NGO’s often give from refusing to share information regarding the security incidents they have experienced. Finally, she discusses why is it important for organisations to share incident data and what benefits can be gained through this form of collaboration.

The project is supported by the European Interagency Security Forum, Insecurity Insight and RedR UK and is funded by EU Humanitarian Aid.

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