Listen and learn how to understand, manage and use of information on incidents, how this can improve organisations’ security risk management and access to crisis- affected populations.

Humanitarian Incidents Podcasts

28 September 2018


NGO Security Management

Episode 3 – Building on success: Effective use of information to improve security risk management

In the third Humanitarian Incidents podcast, Phil Candy, Security Advisor at Medair, discusses why his organisation adopted a robust online security incident information management system. He explains the benefits of the new system and the challenges Medair have faced its delivery. He also highlights some of the ongoing and future improvements planned for the system to increase its usability and encourage staff across Medair to report even minor incidents to create a clearer picture of its operating contexts. Finally, Phil provides some overarching advice for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) considering the adoption of a SIIM system, stressing the need to balance information sharing and confidentiality.

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