SIIM Roadmap

Step 2. Incident analysis and lessons learned


Follow up


Analyse the incident


Implement lessons learned

Organisations should follow up on an incident report. The staff members responsible for doing this should:

  • Obtain any additional information needed to analyse the incident that goes beyond the initial incident report
  • Conduct a factual debriefing with the individual(s) affected by the incident in order to learn useful lessons from what occurred
  • Find the right balance between rewarding staff who report organisational failures and enforcing disciplinary procedures
  • Consider the individual needs of staff members involved in the incident debriefing process and ensure that this process accommodates their needs, including any language or access constraints preventing them from accessing psychological or medical support services.

Learn more

Consult SIIM Handbook, page 41:
Chapter 2, Objective two – Introduction to Lessons learned and applied.