SIIM Roadmap

Step 1. Incident reporting and immediate response


Report the incident


Respond to the incident


Complete formal incident report

After the initial response to an incident is over, organisations should ensure that a formal incident report is completed and stored in a reporting system. The report may require gathering additional information about the incident. Organisations should follow these reporting procedures:

  • Use a simple incident reporting system to collect incident information
  • Provide staff with easy-to-use templates and training to reduce underreporting
  • Train staff on how to report incidents directly in the system or assign a designated staff member to enter reports into the system
  • Explain clearly to staff what happens to incident information after a report has been entered into a reporting system
  • Ensure confidentiality to protect those affected by the incident.

Learn more

Consult SIIM Handbook, pages 21, 31, 33 & 36:
Chapter 2, Objective one – Immediate response: 1.3 Security incident follow-up process, 1.4 Communication & 1.5 Dealing with sensitive cases: sexual violence against staff.