SIIM Roadmap

Step 3. Context analysis of patterns and trends


Record incident


Access external incident information


Share incident data internally


Analyse data on multiple incidents

Analysing data on multiple internal and external incidents can help organisations better understand the operational context in which they are operating by identifying patterns, trends and subtle changes in the operating environment that might otherwise go unnoticed. Good contextual knowledge is essential to ensuring safe and secure access to target populations. Multiple incident data analysis:

  • Is a structured approach to analyse multiple (internal and external) incidents
  • Compares an organisation’s trend data with external safety and security incident data (from public sources or shared by other organisations)
  • Compares data on incidents experienced by a particular organisation with data from similar organisations
  • Accounts for how underreporting can affect data.

Learn more

Consult SIIM Handbook, pages 47, 57 & 61:
Chapter 2, Objective three – Understanding the operational context & Objective four – Strategic decision-making: 4.2 Analysis of trends to inform strategic decision-making.