SIIM Roadmap

Step 3. Context analysis of patterns and trends


Record incident


Access external incident information


Share incident data internally


Analyse multiple incident data

Organisations should record incidents in an incident database, which is a software system or spreadsheet that is specifically set up for SIIM. A properly functioning incident database should:

  • Uses technology that matches the organisation’s size and needs
  • Keeps logged information confidential to protect the privacy of affected individuals
  • Have defined access credentials for who can view the information and for what purposes
  • Follows consistent reporting procedures
  • Allow multiple incidents to be analysed.

IfIf staff members are required to enter their own incident reports directly into a database, then organisations must provide clear guidelines and training to ensure consistent reporting.

Learn more

Consult SIIM Handbook, pages 57 & 59:
Chapter 2, Objective four – Strategic decision making: 4.1 Systematic recording of incidents: what system to use?