SIIM Roadmap

Step 4. Informed decision making and policy design


Share incident data internally


Inform operational decisions


Inform organisational policy


Inform staff of decisions made

Organisations can gain valuable insights from sharing and using incident data internally across departments and teams. When sharing data, organisations should anonymise it by removing personally identifiable information and maintain confidentiality to protect the privacy of individuals affected by incidents. Incident data supports informed decision-making across all organisational departments, including policy, programmes, finance, human resources and advocacy. Incident data can be used for:

  • Context analysis
  • The development of action plans
  • Access and programme planning
  • Funding proposals
  • Risk assessments
  • Job descriptions in specific areas

Learn more

Consult SIIM Handbook, pages 21, 33 & 47:
Chapter 2, Objective one – Immediate response: 1.4 Communication & Objective three – Understanding the operational context, 3.1 The practicalities of sharing security information.